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Women Who Write Animals: An Interdisciplinary On-line Seminar on Literary Representations of the More-Than-Human in 20th Century Women’s Literature.

Literature and the arts are a valuable tool of ecological awareness and moral transformation and have always served to imagine alternatives and societies with other values, such as an ethics of care, reciprocal respect, empathy and the valuing of other beings. Drawing on the theoretical fields and framework of ecofeminism, posthumanism and animal studies, this seminar highlights the contributions of female writers from diverse genres to the study, protection and writing of nature by focusing on the importance of animals in their lives and tales and looking at their own relationship with the more-than-human world.

This seminar is part of the research project “Angels of the ecosystem?” /Angeles del ecosistema? (GV/2020/029) financed by the Generalitat Valenciana, Spain. The project was born from a shared passion by the three researchers: a love of nature, especially non-human animals and the need to seek solutions and alternatives to the existing environmental crisis from the Arts and Humanities to develop an ecological awareness necessary to lead us towards a more sustainable society.

Fall 2021 Programme

Friday 8 October / 11.00h – 13:00 h

  • An Introduction to the project
    “Eco-Angels of the ecosystem?”
    Dr. Lorraine Kerslake Young (U. Alicante).
  • Plenary speaker: Dr. Eulalia Piñero Gil (UAM):
    ‘Canis ex machina’: The Affective Role of Dogs in Edith Wharton’s “Kerfol”.
    Chair:  Gala Arias (UAM).

Friday 19 November / 11.00h – 13.30h

Round Table “Women Who Write Animals”

  • Lorraine Kerslake Young (U. Alicante): An Ecofeminist Approach to Beatrix Potter’s More-Than-Human World.
  • Diana Villanueva (U. Extremadura): The Feminization of Ape Fiction.
  • Gala Arias (UAM): “I Have Been Chosen by the Cat” Ursula Le Guin’s Vision of Cats in Annals of Pard.
  • Plenary speaker: Dr. Margarita Carretero González (U. Granada): Animal focalisation in Virgina Woolf’s “Kew Gardens” and Flush.
    Chair: Diana Villanueva (U. Extremadura).