About the project

The idea behind this project was born from a shared passion of a love of nature, especially non-human animals. It also stems from the need to seek solutions and alternatives to the existing environmental crisis from the Arts and Humanities to develop an ecological awareness necessary to lead us towards a more sustainable society. 

With this aim in mind, we propose to explore the question of how women write the natural world from a feminist perspective by examining their role in the reconstruction of nature and in particular by looking at how they represent non-human animals and their/our relationship with them. In order to recover their contributions and review history, our main focus is to analyse the works of female voices who often dared to defy the norms imposed by the society or their time and managed to make themselves heard. It is through these voices that we intend to study the cultural attitudes and ethical implications they conveyed to the reader through their imaginary worlds. 

By analyzing the different narrative strategies and approaches used by these female writers and by looking at the literary representations of nature and animals we aim to give voice and make visible their literary and activist efforts by examining their role in the reconstruction of nature and above all by analyzing how these representations were also a reflection of the society in which they lived. 


Lorraine Kerslake (IP)

Is Assistant Professor and holds a PhD in children’s literature and ecocriticism and teaches at Alicante University, Spain. She has worked as a translator of literary criticism, poetry and art and published widely on children’s literature and ecocriticism.

Diana Villanueva Romero 

Is an Associate Professor (Profesora Contratada Doctora) at the English Department of the University of Extremadura, Spain. Her field of expertise is Anglophone environmental literature.

Gala Arias Rubio

Is Assistant Professor and holds a PhD in curriculum greening in Humanities degrees at University and teaches at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. She has worked as a technical and literary translator in Russian, Polish, and English.